Facture électronique

Get ready for electronic invoicing!

Between 1 July 2024 and 1 January 2026, all French businesses must have chosen an electronic invoicing solution (see Ministère de l'Economie et des Finances - Electronic invoicing).

It will no longer be possible for a French company to issue an invoice to its business customers on its own. Invoices will be issued and then transmitted by a "Partner Dematerialisation Platform" (PDP) on the instructions of each company.

The PDP will have to check the invoice that the company asks it to issue and, in particular, will have to verify the details of the company to which the invoice is addressed. Amongst these checks, the PDP must in particular check the validity of the VAT number provided and that this number corresponds to the company invoiced.

In the event of an incorrect number or one that does not correspond to the company invoiced, the request will be rejected by the PDP and the invoice will not be issued.

It is therefore particularly important, in order to avoid any delays in issuing invoices and therefore their payments, to check your customers' intra-Community VAT numbers before transmitting the information to your PDP.

CheckTVA is therefore the ideal tool for carrying out this verification at a low cost.

CheckTVA enables you to check the intra-Community VAT numbers of your entire customer database in a single operation. database. The result of the search will also compare (as a percentage) the company name in your database with the VAT number of the customer. between the name of the company in your database and the name of the company holding the verified VAT number.

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