Automate. Save time

Automate. Save time

CheckTVA allows you to verify a unique VAT number free of charge, with or without a certificate. For this we use the service offered by the European Commission. However, there are more checks, especially regarding the required format of the VAT numbers.

The European Commission allows verification number by number and does not offer mass verification. From a dozen numbers onwards, the verification becomes tedious, especially as it has to be periodic. From several tens of numbers, the verification by unit is no longer possible.

checkVAT offers you to carry out the verification of all your VAT numbers for you in a simple and efficient way.

From a spreadsheet file (Excel/openOffice), CheckTVA extracts the VAT numbers, tests them and provides you with an augmented spreadsheet file indicating :

In addition, for French companies, the application calculates the VAT number from the SIRET number if it appears in the file provided.

Exemple avant
Table provided by the customer
Exemple après
Table ssent back by checkTVA

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